memorial day weekend twenty seventeen

MDW 2017

This school year has been delicately drowning me from the start. When people said junior year was going to be the most difficult, oh my god, they were not joking. The light at the end of this cruel joke of a tunnel has been summer. Summertime in my area is the peak of everyone’s year. I live in a lovely beach community with a barrier island south of me and adorable (and arguably gentrified) beachside downtowns to the north. A little further north is New York City. I can explore this little bubble in which I live, restricted to the tri-state area, freely with my lovely friends in the summer without the stress of school looming over my head like a dark cloud. Memorial Day Weekend was a preview for all of this delicious, warm-weathered freedom. I absolutely devoured it this year. I’m going to blog for each day this weekend. I tried making this a master-post but it was way too long. I gave up. Enjoy the posts to come.




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