About ME

hello !!

Okay, bad start. Capitalization has never been my strong suit. It throws me off, so I dismiss it. Except this is a big girl blog, so I will capitalize.

My name is Victoria and I’m a high school student [yawn] in New Jersey. In recent years I’ve grown to truly appreciate the beautiful area I live in and am determined to take advantage of all of its opportunities in my year before college. I spend my time in my home state and in New York City, where I plan to go to school, so my life has recently been bridging the gap between the two.

This is my lifestyle blog. I write about what my friends and I do. I write about what I wear and what I put on my face. I write about the food I eat and the bands I see and the places I go. They aren’t extraordinary, I live in the suburbs for god’s sake, but it’s my life and I think it’s quite lovely.

I will link my social media whatevers in the contact me page.

I am here for the world! This is my screaming into the void. These are the opinions and photos nobody asked for. If you have something to ask, contact me! The beautiful part of the internet is how it connects otherwise complete strangers (in a safe [?] way). We live in a deeply flawed new age of communication and I think that’s pretty remarkable.

Enjoy my life.