pride fest || june 4, 2017

Before two Sundays ago, I had never been to an actual pride parade and day-long event. This year was special to me because not only was it my first event, it was my first event where I was beginning my journey as being more than an ‘ally’ and being an open member of the community.

The day began with my lovely friend Cassidy and I missing the train because of course we still can’t figure out how to take a train two stations away. However, after a half hour combination of a drive and parking spot hunt, we caught the parade at its very beginning. It was mainly floats of small companies and organizations that were affiliated with or supported pride who played music and tossed out freebies like candy, bracelets, little pride flags, beer cozies, etc.

(Sidenote: the beer cozie was not tossed at us, but rather Cassidy, after donning an Absolut sweatband thrown at us, was signaled by a drag queen to bite the cozie out of their mouth. Iconic.)

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The student price to enter the festival on the beachfront was $5 so my friends, Catie, Jarret, Derek, Sonya, Jamie, Andrew, Autumn, Cassidy, and I all found ourselves together enjoying freebies and the cutest dogs and miniature pig ever.

Here are the photos from that day. The overwhelming positivity made this day one of the loveliest of the early summer. Everybody radiated pride, love, and support. I have never been more proud to be part of a community.

catie n me!


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hamlette the pig enjoying back rubs from catie
ok but THIS DOG


so. little. gn.
me 2

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the queen of the entire parade
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cassidy enjoying being a freeloader
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candid of a beautiful tito’s promoter

mdw 2017 || day two: a day in manhattan


27 MAY 2017 | My lovely friend Gwendolyn invited me to go into the city with her parents and two close friends the next day to see War Paint on Broadway and get dinner in Hell’s Kitchen. I was beyond honored to be invited, I think of her parents as my own and though she and I go months without frequent communication (the plight of two friends who go to different schools), we reconnected immediately. I will write a full review of War Paint another day, but lord help you if you do not see it !! The musical tells the story of the fierce competition between Helena Rubinstein (Patti Lupone) and Elizabeth Arden (Christine Ebersole) in the early days of the American makeup industry. The amount of talent on one stage was unreal, the costumes and set were incredible, and I may or may not have cried. I was watching a play about makeup and feminism with the stars being Broadway royalty. I do not use this word often, but I was shook.

altaltfrom left to right: meg, maddy, gwen, and myself! these were taken in line to the nederlander theater. a man asked us if we were students at FIT or “something”. we were honored.


the playbill ! the typography is so beautiful that i bought a $30 tshirt from the merch stand with ‘war paint’ written on it in this lettering. lmk why i gave up on being a graphic design major. i digress.


obligatory mirror selfie


the beautiful birthday girl!! look at that smile! i love u gwen ur GORGEOUS ❤

We shopped on 7th Ave. before our amazing dinner at Becco.
Honest to god, that was the best Italian food I ever ate. Every waiter had a beautiful Italian accent. I felt like I had to tip the guy just for reading the specials to me. I wonder how much it would cost to hire our waiter to narrate my life in his beautiful accent. Becco sits in an absolutely precious part of the theater district on the outskirts of Hell’s Kitchen.


beautiful gwen holding up a breadstick. also, how cute is this geofilter? i die. SO cute.


i was too much of a wimp to try the seafood antipaso. so, caesar salad. delicious. infamous breadstick makes a second appearance. these little bad boys were addicting.


BEHOLD the Holy Trinity. the chef’s pasta special. breaded shrimp and spaghetti in a spicy (?) marinara, artichoke ravioli, and rigatoni in pesto. i never thought of myself as a woman who would marry young, but i’m debating taking this rigatoni dish to vegas and tying the knot ASAP.

The day was absolutely perfect in every single way. I loved reconnecting with my second set of parents, Sondra and Archie (nicest people you’ll meet in your life!), and my old dance/theater friends Gwen and Meg, as well as meeting the coolest kid in the world, Maddy. She is 15 and is already a Betty Who look alike. Adorable. When I was a freshman in high school I was horrendous. So norm-core. I didn’t talk. Thank god for young teenagers like Maddy.

Next post will be my adventures MDW Sunday.

But for now I need to listen to Bleacher’s new album and shower and be a productive member of society. Gross.


mdw 2017 || day one: lunch [first post]


26 MAY 2017 | Thanks to yet another pointless decision made by my school’s administration, we had a snow day for a day that didn’t actually snow this winter. We live one mile from the beach, one mile from the ocean, so whenever there is snow in the forecast, there is actually no snow. Just frozen rain. It’s disgusting and disappointing, but not a reason to take off of school. Why do I resent this day off so badly? Because we had school on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend, that’s why. It was only a half day, but it was 80° and sunny and I wanted to be laying on a beach. Myself along with my two close friends, Bridget and Cassidy, drove to Asbury Park for lunch, picking up my home-schooled, lovely friend Catie on the way. Bridget wanted to go to this one taco place that we sadly discovered was closed upon trying to open the locked door. We settled for Korean tacos instead from a cute Asian-fusion place on the main avenue. Catie and my friend Jam works there, unfortunately, we didn’t catch her there, but the food was good and we probably overstayed our welcome by talking for two hours in our booth, loitering as teenagers do. We finished our tacos or fried rice in the first fifteen minutes. We’re awful.

catie (far far left, poor thing isn’t even in the picture) and cassidy (right) probably laughing over some screenshot of a text message or a meme. this is before cassidy spilled fried rice all over her. as revenge for me making fun of her, she threw a pea at me and it hit me directly in the eye. horrible.

We got probably the best damn vegan ice cream I ate in my life immediately after despite already being full. I’m not even exaggerating.
Cookman Creamery was introduced to me through Catie who has a severe dairy allergy. The “almond cookie” flavor is an almond butter-based ice cream that we ALL ordered. It was that good.

I was beat by 4:00 pm and went home to do what I do best: nothing. I probably watched some episodes of The 100 (just finished season 3, cannot find a free place to watch season 4 online. If you know where to find it, help a poor high school student out. I’m addicted.)
Online shopping to find my prom dress ensued and I went to bed by 10:00. Life on the edge.



memorial day weekend twenty seventeen

MDW 2017

This school year has been delicately drowning me from the start. When people said junior year was going to be the most difficult, oh my god, they were not joking. The light at the end of this cruel joke of a tunnel has been summer. Summertime in my area is the peak of everyone’s year. I live in a lovely beach community with a barrier island south of me and adorable (and arguably gentrified) beachside downtowns to the north. A little further north is New York City. I can explore this little bubble in which I live, restricted to the tri-state area, freely with my lovely friends in the summer without the stress of school looming over my head like a dark cloud. Memorial Day Weekend was a preview for all of this delicious, warm-weathered freedom. I absolutely devoured it this year. I’m going to blog for each day this weekend. I tried making this a master-post but it was way too long. I gave up. Enjoy the posts to come.