mdw 2017 || day one: lunch [first post]


26 MAY 2017 | Thanks to yet another pointless decision made by my school’s administration, we had a snow day for a day that didn’t actually snow this winter. We live one mile from the beach, one mile from the ocean, so whenever there is snow in the forecast, there is actually no snow. Just frozen rain. It’s disgusting and disappointing, but not a reason to take off of school. Why do I resent this day off so badly? Because we had school on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend, that’s why. It was only a half day, but it was 80° and sunny and I wanted to be laying on a beach. Myself along with my two close friends, Bridget and Cassidy, drove to Asbury Park for lunch, picking up my home-schooled, lovely friend Catie on the way. Bridget wanted to go to this one taco place that we sadly discovered was closed upon trying to open the locked door. We settled for Korean tacos instead from a cute Asian-fusion place on the main avenue. Catie and my friend Jam works there, unfortunately, we didn’t catch her there, but the food was good and we probably overstayed our welcome by talking for two hours in our booth, loitering as teenagers do. We finished our tacos or fried rice in the first fifteen minutes. We’re awful.

catie (far far left, poor thing isn’t even in the picture) and cassidy (right) probably laughing over some screenshot of a text message or a meme. this is before cassidy spilled fried rice all over her. as revenge for me making fun of her, she threw a pea at me and it hit me directly in the eye. horrible.

We got probably the best damn vegan ice cream I ate in my life immediately after despite already being full. I’m not even exaggerating.
Cookman Creamery was introduced to me through Catie who has a severe dairy allergy. The “almond cookie” flavor is an almond butter-based ice cream that we ALL ordered. It was that good.

I was beat by 4:00 pm and went home to do what I do best: nothing. I probably watched some episodes of The 100 (just finished season 3, cannot find a free place to watch season 4 online. If you know where to find it, help a poor high school student out. I’m addicted.)
Online shopping to find my prom dress ensued and I went to bed by 10:00. Life on the edge.